Thinking for a Living- Joey Reiman Books

Can one idea be worth a million dollars? Of course; any number of multi-million-dollar companies and products have been built on a single idea.

In this ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting book, creative genius Joey Reiman presents a convincing argument for the value of raw ideas. "Today currency is the idea," says Reiman, "but tomorrow ideas will be the currency."

This is not just a story of one man's success. Thinking for a Living is a guidebook for every entrepreneur and every business. See what people are saying

Success: The Original Handbook - Joey Reiman Books

In Success: The Original Hand Book, author Joey Reiman shares with the world his Hand Book for personal and emotional success. A popular national speaker, Joey has changed the lives of thousands who have heard him.

Translated to book form, his philosophy centers on the simple premise that success is in "your hands" – both figuratively and literally. Beginning with the appealing notion that "Thoughts have wings," Joey ignites people's ability to believe in themselves. Using his five fingers as a road map, Joey enables readers to identify their dreams and make them come true. After all, everyone has a personal Hand Book – they take it wherever they go.

The Best Year of Your Life - Joey Reiman Books

Motivational speaker Joey Reiman has witnessed thousands of people year after year revitalizing their spirits and facing the future with hope: no one is too old to reach for a new goal, or too young to waste a moment in hopes of a more perfectly timed one.

Joey fully believes that people can change their lives in the present - and that they can begin today! The Best Year of Your Life will make readers laugh and relax, sit up and think, and, most of all, spring for new opportunities and a richer, happier life – before their next birthday!